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“The goal of every other goal is the achievement of happiness”


Our Story

Makes Everyone Happy was founded to inspire and enrich the lives of people in need of happiness and positivity. In the midst of our own anxiety, indecisiveness, and longing for direction, we found our way. We found that the greatest priority in each of our possibilities was geared toward what would result in the greatest amount of happiness. Up until this realization we were just going through the motions; going to school, earning a degree, and finding a job, but we felt we had a greater purpose to fulfill. We decided the best way to live our lives is to study life, optimism, and happiness and share what we learned to bring more light and love into this world. In doing so we became happy lifestyle builders; helping people accept themselves and one another, shaping a positive mindset and outlook on life, and in turn bring us all closer together.


Our Mission

Our aim is to raise the bar for the human condition by aiding in the realization of lasting happiness. With all of the advancements we’ve made in recent history, we’ve only seen nominal increases in happiness and well-being while depression has grown shockingly high worldwide, especially amongst young people. Together we can supply the world with positive uplift and see new levels of happiness and well being.


Our Logo

Every day presents an opportunity for us to shine. Every day is another step along the road of the journey of life. And every day we may face obstacles and difficulties, but we are not alone in the face of these challenges. Whatever our differences, we are very much the same; inextricably connected by nature, by choice, and by love.